An application has been submitted to build a build a Ferris Wheel at downtown Miami’s Bayside Marketplace, including new renderings of what the attraction will look like.

Skywheel is proposed to be a 176-foot slow moving observation wheel featuring forty-two gondolas seating eight passengers each, for a total of 336 passengers, the application states. Each gondola will be fully enclosed and climate controlled. The observation wheel ride will last from 12 to 15 minutes.

The base will include kiosks where tickets are sold, as well as offering photos (ticket sales will also be available on phone apps).

The attraction will normally operate daily from 10 am to midnight, but will close earlier when pedestrian traffic at Bayside does not warrant operation. Skywheel will extend hours of operation until 1 am on special dates such as New Year’s Eve.

A zoning exception is needed to allow for a height of 180 feet in an area zoned for a maximum of 123 feet. Miami’s Planning Department staff is recommending approval, and a hearing before the Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board is scheduled for July 31 (the city commission already voted last month to modify zoning to allow for Skywheel).

Bayside Marketplace and Arizona-based Sky View of America are the companies proposing to build Skywheel. Representatives of Bayside have previously side that the Ferris Wheel would be “iconic.”

The Skyrise tower is planned next to the site and will include a similar attraction

Source: The Next Miami