The owner of a Sears property in Fort Lauderdale is proposing to build a large project called R.K. Center with 5 towers, including replacing the store itself.

R.K. Center is geared for an active urban lifestyle and is designed to provide amenities for the project as well as the general public and surrounding neighborhoods, the developer wrote.

According to the developer, the architecture of R.K. Center takes its inspiration from the mid-century modern era in which the original Searstown was developed, while adding modern flare and materials to create a Fort Lauderdale style to the project.

Active ground floor uses are proposed around the entire site to present a pedestrian face to all sides. Both food service and street front retail uses are proposed.

The project will include:

  • Parcel 1 (three towers – 30 stories, 30 stories, and 15 stories) – 819 residential units, 71,960 square feet of retail/office, 4,000 square feet of restaurant, 4,000 square feet of food hall, 1,351 parking spaces.
  • Parcel 2  (17 stories) – 192 hotel rooms, 22 residential units, 3,480 square feet of restaurant, 1,290 square feet of cafe, 288 parking spaces
  • Parcel 3 (15 stories) – 135 residential units, 4,718 square feet of retail, 2,295 square feet of restaurant, 10,312 square feet of art gallery, 230 parking spaces.

Rannan Katz’s RK Associates is the developer, with FSMY the architect.

The project was sent to Fort Lauderdale’s Design Review Commitee this week

Source: The Next Miami